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BrandTech® Precision Welding

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BrandTech® Precision Welding

BrandTech® Precision Welding, our computer-driven stud welding technology, can dramatically cut labor costs in refractory, insulation and fireproofing services while improving speed and accuracy.

  • Automated welding provides consistent quality
  • Better reach into tight and congested areas
  • Reduced amounts of hexavalent chromium and exposure risk
  • Higher productivity than conventional stick welding and/or current studs
  • Wide range of setting controls enable welding on existing thin plate
  • Can be used with unusual metals, such as Inconel 601, 1.25 Chromium and 253MA

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Refractory Services

Refractory Services

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Refractory Services

As a refractory contractor, Industrial Specialists offers unmatched refractory services. Backed by more than 35 years of experience and patented technology designed to improve productivity, we can plan and execute any job safely and efficiently.

  • Abrasion-resistant linings
  • Gunite shotcrete linings
  • Shotcrete linings
  • Vibe-cast linings for shop and field projects
  • Pump-cast linings
  • High-temperature brick linings/insulating fire brick
  • Corrosion-resistant linings
  • Burner tiles and precast shapes
  • Plastic linings
  • Ceramic fiber systems
  • Fireproofing, including cementitious fireproofing

Patented Technology

Quik-X™ Refractory Anchoring System

Our patented anchoring system uses 44% fewer welds, can be installed in half the time, and is designed to work in the air grids and cyclones of FCCUs (fluid catalytic cracking units).

BrandTech™ Precast Solutions

Cut intricately detailed foam refractory forms within hours, slashing costly downtime and shortening turnaround schedules by as much as 90%.

BrandTech® Precision Welding

A computer-driven stud-welding technology, BrandTech uses 81% less labor, allowing two welders to do the work of 16 with a 0.5% error rate.

BrandTech™ Power Distribution Unit

Increase equipment cost savings by up to 40% and improve safety through simplified installation and maintenance.

  • Comprehensive QA/QC management
  • Shop fabrication capabilities
  • Intricate brick installation
  • Thermal protection
Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings Solutions

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Industrial Coatings

With our trained and experienced craftspeople and cutting-edge technologies, Industrial Specialists provides the widest range of surface preparation and internal linings solutions, as well as industrial coatings solutions for your midstream tank maintenance needs.

External Industrial Coatings Solutions

Industrial Specialists’ blasting services offer reduced environmental impact and decreased costs.

  • Controlled fugitive dust emissions
  • Lead exposure control
  • Up to 50% reduction in waste disposal

Surface Preparation

  • Fiberglass reinforced: UHP water blasting and heat induction stripping system

Plural Component Pumps

  • Reduced time
  • Verified mix ratio
  • 20-year life expectancy with manufacturer certification
  • Shorter mixing distance to application (reduced product usage)
  • Heated vats and lines (manage material viscosity; reduce product usage and wasted product)

Internal Linings

  • Epoxy film liners
  • Fiberglass reinforced liners
  • Cathodic protection

Complementary Services

As a BrandSafway company, Industrial Coatings offers complementary services:

  • Abatement
  • Access and scaffolding
  • Cathodic protection/corrosion
  • Fireproofing
  • Insulation
  • Specialty services
  • Refractory services