Industrial Coatings

With our trained and experienced craftspeople and cutting-edge technologies, Industrial Specialists provides the widest range of surface preparation and internal linings solutions, as well as industrial coatings solutions for your midstream tank maintenance needs.

Surface Preparation

  • Fiberglass reinforced: UHP water blasting and heat induction stripping system

Robotics Technologies

Cutting-edge, environmentally friendly robotics technologies for increased productivity.

Plural Component Pumps

  • Reduced time
  • Verified mix ratio
  • 20-year life expectancy with manufacturer certification
  • Shorter mixing distance to application (reduced product usage)
  • Heated vats and lines (manage material viscosity; reduce product usage and wasted product)

Internal Linings

  • Epoxy film liners
  • Fiberglass reinforced liners
  • Cathodic protection

External Coatings Solutions

Industrial Specialists’ blasting services offer reduced environmental impact and decreased costs.

  • Controlled fugitive dust emissions
  • Lead exposure control
  • Up to 50% reduction in waste disposal

Complementary Services

As a BrandSafway company, Industrial Coatings offers complementary services:

  • Abatement
  • Access and scaffolding
  • Cathodic protection/corrosion
  • Fireproofing
  • Insulation
  • Specialty services
  • Refractory services